Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Scrolls of Discernment: Leveled Houses

Perception. A ten letter word that has never managed to daunt the young speller. Despite 'throning' itself with an attire that presents itself with amity to the modern human, perception applies what most other fragments of psychology never fail to administer: Chicane or as Sheldon Cooper from "The Big Bang Theory" would say, 'Trickery and Deceit'. The majority of this blog's audience reading this post probably dreams of a perfect world where equality 'roams free' and hence 'no one has lesser than the other'. Pretty good. A world such as that one would surely qualify for a utopia. But it’s saddening to say that no human being is attempting to move towards that goal, not because there's cruelty and dishonesty in the world, but because equality is not a Utopian concept. Welcome to the reality that is the 21st Century. The majority of this century's population has successfully managed to perceive social equality, a promising life that the world so desperately wants to shift towards, as monetary equality, a highly ambitious future that cannot be achieved with mere hope , apologies, with hope and sloth brewed together into an unsavory potion (that manages to create results antipodean of those desired).
The equality that we are closest to achieving will allow every human on the planet to speak his/her mind without being objected by ‘a higher authority’. The equality that we so desperately want, but can never achieve is, in a hypothetical way, living in a global neighborhood which accommodates uniform houses with homogeneous qualities and features. Sorry. With the divergent attitudes that exist in the minds of the earth’s collective demographic, humans can’t possibly imagine a world with an economic Pangaea. Why do you think that only a minority of the world’s population has been able to achieve the title of ‘billionaire’, while the rest of the people perform the tasks of ‘salarymen’ and ‘juniors’? The answer is simple and it takes us back to the previous discussion. Only a few people want to really work to ‘make it big’, while others only manage to create non-analyzed ideas, which lose their importance after the first three weeks of their inception, after the adrenaline fades away. Ever imagine how our world would function if everyone was equal? Havoc... No incentive to grow as hard work would not get you nowhere but be equal as everyone. Maybe the chasm can be decreased... but absolute equality??? BAD IDEA!!  Think about it, Facebook made it big, Apple made it big, Microsoft made it big, the creators of these companies also made it big. Why? On a general note, everyone wants to achieve success in their own way; those with passion, dedication and hard work are able to gain success, while others only view success as a dream. 
-The Two Amigos


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