Monday, 7 January 2013

Did Jesus really exist???

“Son of God”??

Our world has an extremely large population. A massive percentage of it is made up of Christians comprised of 2 billion people. Around 20 centuries ago, a man named Jesus lived and gained popular support as an important man. Unlike the majority of the leader’s of his time, Jesus did not have political power. His followers believed that he was special and different from the rest of the people. Today, there are many disputes and debates on whether he lived or not, or even if he existed, did he acquire significant abilities. A documentary called “Son of God,” with archaeological and scientific assistance; was capable to answer many questions regarding Jesus and the Biblical narration about him.
            Many proofs and evidences from the present world suggest the existence and the originality of the Biblical text. The way of present day living in parts of Jerusalem portray a living museum and reflect the birth conditions of Jesus. It is said that instead of being born in an inn, Jesus was born in a stable. However, the book of Luke was originally written in Greek. There is a probability that “inn” was misinterpreted from the Greek word Cataluma and was originally meant to be the upper room. So Jesus was born in the lower room which was perfectly normal for the time as there were no medical availability for deliveries. These fitting condition show that the Biblical text’s originality. Evidence that shows more proof is that archaeologists have dug up a house that has graffiti over it. Experts say that it is a house from Jesus’ time. The graffiti has “Simon” written on it. This shows that Simon Peter, who was one of Jesus’ disciples, is not a made up name and was a common name during the time.     
            The gospels suggest that that during the 1st century, the people would come to the steps of the temple in Jerusalem and listen to the priests. Assuming that Jesus was there to talk to the Rabbis, and he did study and spend time with them, then it would have made him a religion educated man who would have challenged the existing ways of religion instead of how the Gospels describe him as the “Son of God.” In other words, a man who tries to right the wrong is not necessarily the “Son of God.” Other texts from the Bible continue to raise questions about Jesus’ existence. It is said that Mary, Jesus’ mother had a virgin delivery. Well science proves the unconditional impossibilities of that. Along with that, it is said that the “three kings” came over from the East on December 25th (6 B.C) were following the bright star. Despite the fact that during the first century, there was a planet alignment that could have been taken as a bright star, there are many ways how the kings could have understood the exact meaning of it, and led themselves to the exact place where Jesus was born. Only superstitious believes can have an influence over that.     
            To prove a belief, determination and faith is needed. These factors are not lacking in the world today. As science progresses and new discoveries are made, further truth will come out. A disappointment would arise if the largest religion in the world today was based on something that did not exist. And if Jesus lived, the world would not know if Jesus knew if his actions would later be a leading factor of two billion people in the coming years. His most remarkable achievement would be that in the end he inspired a new faith that helped shape the world that we live in today. 
-The two Amigos

-Some old wise man  must have said something like this.



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