Friday, 4 January 2013

Inequality alive and appreciated!

The equality of gender, also referred to as egalitarianism, dominantly concerns the promotion of equal rights and consideration for both genders. In context to the general idea of ethical issues, the topic of gender equality does no practically fit in because most people believe that there is no proper argument in favor of gender inequality. However, several aspects of the idea vary based on the different perspectives of the world. In many South-eastern countries such as India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, traditional backgrounds of the majority of the women have adjusted themselves to fit into a society where their life is devoted to serving their husbands. These practices have not been forced upon them as, ironically; the women gain satisfaction through these practices and appreciate the idea of serving their loved ones. Contrary to these ideas, majority of the women still seek actual equality instead of documented rules justifying their rights at the same level as the men’s.

 Historically, egalitarianism has mostly adopted the form of endorsing women’s rights in a traditionally male-dominated society. These factors promote ideas of misandry and misogyny. Many religious texts from the Bible suggest the inferiority of men over women. In the book of Genesis, since Eve gave into temptation before Adam, God said to Eve, “Your husband will rule over you.” Ephesians 5:22-23 also says “Women……be subject to your husbands,” and 1 Timothy 2:9-12 also portrays the similar “A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I permit no women to teach or have authority over men, she is to keep silent.” In contradiction to Christian beliefs, the Islamic law proposes the equality of both men and women.  Surah an-Nisa' 4:1 states that men and women are created from a single soul (nafs wahidah). One person does not come before the other, one is not superior to the other, and one is not the derivative of the other. A woman is not created for the purpose of a man. Rather, they are both created for the mutual benefit of each other. (Quran 4:34) In today’s perspective, most of the world does have laws that subject to equality among everyone, but hypothetically, there are still signs of men superiority in some parts of the world.
                                                                                                                            -The Two Amigos 



  1. As a psychology teacher, I often advice my students to think out of the box and put themselves in another person's shoes to involve themselves in experience completely antipodean from their own. Kudos to you both and I hope that you keep on doing this work as it will help more people than you probably expected.

  2. Well... I don't totally agree.... Yes,, the two amigos have a point.. but I think that there is more room for worthwile equlity alive.